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Asteroids 2013 EY77 discovered by students from Jaslo.

We are pleased to announce that three students :Jakub Jasiewicz Kamil Pisany and Szymon Michałowski from Zespol Szkol Miejskich Nr 3 in Jaslo  discovered asteroid under the guidance of a teacher of geography Jadwiga Moskal, together with Kamila Ulatowska, Damian Le¶kiewicz and Bartosz Markowicz under the direction of Sebastian Soberskiego Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Grudziadz. It waas given the provisional designation 2013 EY77.

     This discovery is one of the 8 new discoveries done by polish students during
program Pan-STARRS organized by an international institution "Hands-On Universe". In this program, currently participates 12 schools combined into 6 teams from Poland.School from Jaslo is collaboratinh with the Planetarium and Observatory Grudziadz

     The current campaign uses observations made ​ ​PanStarrs telescope in Hawaii, the best dedicated instrument for this type of observation in the world, equipped with a special CCD camera with a resolution of 1.4 billion pixels. Photos taken by the telescope are passed school teams, led by teachers. Each kit is developed by our teams of the two schools. Students communicate through the Internet. All teachers participating in the campaign are trained in the form of conferences and discussions via Skype

     Program Hands-On Universe in Poland  is managed by Lech Mankiewicz from Center for Theoretical Physics and Krzysztof Chyży from Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University.

School from Jaslo is the only school representing the Subcarpathian Province. Students from Jaslo have already had similar success - in September they discovered asteroid 2012 SC21.

całe zdjęcie One of the photos, which were discovered a new asteroid. Each set is consisted of four high-quality photos. The task of the students is to check whether the objects on consecutive shots do not change position, checking if they are not already known asteroids and report such situations. Discovered asteroid is located in the upper left corner of the photo.
planetoida 2013ey77
Composition of original images, with  asteroid  discovery.
Asteroid 2013 EY77 - here has the working designation: ZSM0008