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Jan Winiarski
(born in Korczyna near Krosno 14 July 1899, died on 4 May 1991)

Jan Winiarski

Krosno Branch  of Association of Polish Amateur Astronomerswas founded in 1953 by a group of enthusiasts led by Jan Winiarski  - amateur astronomer .
 It counts about twenty members focused on astronomical researches as well as astronomy popularisation.

 Pomnik M.Kopernik przed I LO w Krośnie
Current activities:

Venus Transit 2004 Venus transit 2004
Wenus Transit 2004 Gimnazjum Nr 2 Jaslo Wenus Transit 2004 Gimnazjum Nr 2 Jaslo
pokaz nieba pokaz nieba
Krosno 26 IX 2009 Krosno 26 IX 2009

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